Pakistan College of Science & Commerce for Girls

Message of the Chairman

The twenty first century has brought a new era of high advanced competitive and rapidly growing knowledge based societies. Those societies will gain superiority, which not only produces high quality knowledge but also make the best use of it. I accept these challenges and delight to offer more than traditional education to build a group of intellectual individuals who can cope with the challenges of this modern era. The college campus provides all the facilities a student need in a safe and secure environment, and you will find a style of teaching and best possible learning experience that emphasizes the needs of individual student. Through our career counseling system a student can choose courses that are relevant to their career aspirations. Students are not only the assets but pride and honor of college. It is hoped and prayed that our student will continue the good work and will always excel in curriculum and extra curriculum activities. I assure the parents that the way I have learnt through my thirty years’ experience will deliver to their wards and will look after the career, character and safety insha ALLAH. Despite the number of difficulties, college is progressing steadily and we would hit our targets as defined.

Mian Muhammad Ajmal


About PCG

University Institute of Information Technology (UIIT) was established at University of Arid Agriculture to address this dire need. Establishment of UIIT came into being after a long and deliberate consideration of the growing needs of software development and the initiative launched by Government of Pakistan.

Since its inception in 1999, UIIT has experienced remarkable growth and is offering undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs in the field of Computer Sciences and Information Technology. At present, the institute has around 1500 undergraduates, 300 postgraduate students and a Ph.D. program in the field of computer sciences. In addition, we have well established computer lab facilities at the institute which provide students conducive learning environment to carry out their research activities.

UIIT aims to contribute effectively to the national endeavor of producing quality human resource of world class standard by developing a sustainable IT education system to meet the technology needs of the country.

Vision & Mission Statement

Pakistan College will provide excellent education opportunities that are responsive to the needs of the community and help students to meet economic, social and environmental challenges to become active participants in shaping the world of the future.

Pakistan College offers innovative educational opportunities and student support services that lead to the successful completion of degrees, transfer, career/technical education and basic skills proficiency.

The College fosters personal and professional success through the development of critical thinking, effective communication, creativity, and cultural awareness in a safe, accessible and affordable learning community.

In meeting the needs of our demographically diverse student’s population, we embrace equity and accountability through measurable learning outcomes, ethical data-driven decisions and student achievements.